Our Story

Growing up in Canada, I was intrigued why my mom would treat her skin with the paste of a crushed leaf from our country of origin when she could have easily gone to the nearby drugstore and buy an over-the-counter cream.

As an adult, those memories would surface whenever I’d buy a moisturizer, and it was a nostalgia-tinged surprise when I stumbled upon a research paper on Ziziphus mauritiana, the scientific name of the leaf.

You sometimes hear about how science catches up with traditional practices, but it was electrifying to read about my people’s plant being described as having antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory properties. My ancestors knew it worked.

Inspired by what I learned, I earned a diploma in natural skincare formulation for the sole purpose of sharing ziziphus in its most natural and pure state with the wider world. But it was in my new role as a mom that I learned that continuing the legacy of my ancestors would help me treat an extremely difficult skin ailment – my son’s eczema.

I want to introduce you to this leaf. I want it to help you and the people you love who might be suffering with eczema or other harsh skin conditions in the same way it has helped my people throughout the ages.

– I.S. Hagi, Founder

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