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Finally conquer your eczema using millenia-old organics

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Made in Canada

Sugarcane Bio-Plastic, reusable, recyclable

Renewable Plant-Based Alternative

Supports sustainability by reducing dependence on fossil fuels, utilizing a renewable resource, and contributing to a circular economy!

Miracle in a jar
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My 3.5yo son has been suffering from eczema flare ups all over his body for the last two years that’s been leaving him with bloody wounds and scars from scratching. After just one application his skin became the softest it’s been since the eczema began. We are now on day 3 and I haven’t seen him scratch or complain about itching. He is also not scared to let me put it on him because it doesn’t sting. This not only works better, but is much less worrisome for long term use than steroid cream.
Really works!
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My 5 year old suffered from dry rough skin on his face for over a year. I tried other all natural creams to no avail. We used ziziphus for just a few days and his skin is now smooth and soft as it should be! Really grateful to have found this cream.
Deanna Whitely
Miracle in a Jar
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My son's eczema has gotten worse as the winter months were harsh on his skin. But literally within the first 2 applications on day 1, his eczema patches were smoother and much less red. He also seems to be scratching a lot less. SO, SO happy I came across Ziziphus Skin and took a chance. YOU WILL BE, TOO!
Kathy Makransky
Pretty Incredible
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I've had difficult skin since I was in single digits. Turned 70 and it's gotten worse. Had chemical patch testing done for contact dermatitis. When the PA saw my back, she said, "Oh my!" Worst she's ever seen. This last year, I got what I think is eczema. Ordered the Ziziphus cream and have been using it for ten days. My hands/wrists were clear after a few days. Front of the ankle is better, but not clear. FYI. I bought one jar to try and immediately ordered three more--it's that good.
Joon suk Ahn
It works !!
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Before I got this cream, I was suspicious about it because I don’t get healing by any cream. Sine I start using it, my cracked skin start sealed and reducing painful for my hand a lot . I strongly recommend this to anyone who has super dry and itch skin problems and this product is worth then anything you can find in the pharmacy. Thanks again
Andy Liang
Miracle Cream
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I’ve suffered eczema for my whole life and had a really bad flare up this winter. Nothing really worked except corticosteroids which was obviously bad in the long term. After using this cream for the first time the itch was almost completely gone, the irritation is calmed and a few days later my eczemas almost healed. Unbelievable how a startup like this is way better than derm recommended brands like cerave and aveeno. Only thing I wish it had was a tubed packaging for easier and more hygienic application. Can’t wait for their future products.

Transparency is our foundation.

This is not a cure, but it's a start

We are not selling you the idea that our product will cure eczema simply because – there is no cure to eczema. Many factors are responsible for eczema such as diet and genetics. What we will say is that by including our cream into your lifestyle, you can reduce the signs of eczema such as itch, inflammation, and dryness. Developed by a natural skincare cosmetic chemist & formulated to be 100% natural, vegan, organic, gluten-free, and nut-free.

Natural isn't a trend in East-Africa;
it's a lifestyle.

Ziziphus (zizi-if-us) leaves have been used to treat skin for generations. Now modern science is promoting its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antibacterial qualities.

Ziziphus Skin Concentrated eczema treatment cream for dry itchy inflamed hands scalp face and body natural vegan organic safe for baby

100% Natural. Organic. Vegan. Gluten-free. Nut-Free

FREE FROM: alcohol, steroids, essential oils, & fragrance

Developed for use on the most sensitive skin. Free yourself from the anxiety of applying creams with painful reactions. Relax with a superb body experience applying our gentle, decadent cream. Doesn’t itch, burn, or sting.  


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